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In a Nutshell

IMPETUS 2nd Joint Open Call is now open for:


The IMPETUS Accelerator Programme

and the

European Union Prize for citizen science.

Let’s start with the Accelerator Programme.

It has two grants:

  • Kickstarting grants: If you start a project, successful applicants will receive €20,000, mentoring and training support to help start your initiative for a period of six months.
  •  Sustaining grants: If you are an ongoing project, successful applicants will receive €10,000, mentoring and training support for a period of six months.

The challenges or topics of this year’s Accelerator are “Sustainable Lifestyles”, “Justice and Equality” and “Citizen Science with and for Communities“. This means that your project should address and relate to these topics.

Who can apply? Individuals, legal entities, and consortia established in a country or territory eligible to receive Horizon Europe grants are eligible to apply. Please note that the geographic eligibility focuses on the European Research Area (ERA), namely the EU Member States, all overseas countries and territories linked to EU Member States and all third countries having concluded or currently negotiating an association status with Horizon Europe.

The funding can be spent on salaries, equipment, consumables, travel, and subcontracting in accordance with Horizon Europe guidelines.

This is a great chance if you are:
  • thinking of starting a new citizen science project;
  • an ongoing citizen science project looking for support, financial and otherwise, to grow and become sustainable;
  • a researcher or a research team seeking to resource a new citizen science project;
  • a community interested in co-designing research on the topics related to our challenges: Sustainable Lifestyles, Justice and Equality, and Citizen Science for and With Communities
  • an organisation in public, private and third sectors exploring the use of citizen science in their work.

Get in touch if you have any questions:

The European Union Prize for citizen science.

The second part of this call will recognize outstanding citizen science initiatives, with one €60,000 Grand Prize and a Diversity & Collaboration and Digital Communities awards with €20,000 each, plus 27 honorary mentions to boost recognition. Here you will find all the information about how to apply for the prizes:

European Union Prize for citizen science

Our understanding of citizen science is inclusive. We are seeking to fund projects that can make a difference on a local, national or international scale.
We are particularly interested in applications that propose novel, less explored participatory roles for citizens and other key stakeholders and that engage with marginalised, underrepresented or disadvantaged groups.

Important Dates

IMPETUS Open Call launch: 10th January 2024,12:00 pm (noon) CET
Prize Call Closes: 12th 2024,12:00 pm (noon) CET
Accelerator Call Closes: 14th March 2024,12:00 pm (noon) CET


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Answer the questions below to see if you can apply and for which grant/prize you could be eligible for?


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If you have any questions about the call, we will run two webinars to help you with your application process.


These will happen at 14:00 CET on the 24th of January, and 9:00 CET on the 28th of February 2024.