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Chris Styles, STEPCHANGE Communication Officer and EUSEA project manager interviewed our Technical Coordinator, Gefion Thuermer and the EU Prize for Citizen Science Coordinator, Andrew Newman. The 1st Open Call is at the centre of the conversation but also provides interesting insights about why citizen science helps strengthen democracy and open science culture. 

Citizen science has seen significant growth in recent years, and as the research community has moved towards more “Open Science” models, the inclusion of more diverse stakeholders within the research process is becoming increasingly the norm. With this boom, it has become apparent that the citizen science community needs to create additional scaffolding and support mechanisms for new and ongoing projects, to help feed innovation and passion within this field.

That is the hope of the new IMPETUS project, launched in 2022. This project aims to recognise citizen science projects that are helping to tackle the greatest challenges of our times, by providing funding, training, and logistical support to grass-root citizen science initiatives.

To do this, IMPETUS…continue reading