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Let us explain it all- Everything you need to know about the 2024 IMPETUS call for citizen science projects!

Over the past few weeks, the IMPETUS team have strived to make the IMPETUS call for citizen science projects as simple as possible.

As part of that, we organised two explainer webinars, where we were joined by our Technical Coordinator, Gefion Thuermer, and Neal Reeves from King’s College London, alongside Andrew Newman and Pablo Bes Alonso from Ars Electronica, who took a deep dive into the current open call for citizen science projects, including the new challenge topics of this year’s accelerator program and the support IMPETUS will provide to new and ongoing projects, the European Prize for Citizen Science, and how to apply for the call!

The team then answered questions from the citizen science community about the call!

If you missed the webinars, do not worry, we recorded the sessions and you can watch them here, or if you go to our YouTube channel you can video chapters and jump to what interests you the most!

If your question was not answered above, do not worry, there are more opportunities to find out more about the IMPETUS call!

You can organise a 1-2-1 meeting with the team at King’s College London, to have a quick chat about the IMPETUS accelerator!

Or you can email us directly

For questions about the accelerator:

For questions about the European Prize For Citizen Science: 

Or for General Enquiries: