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We are delighted to have the opportunity to speak with Prof Jacob Sherson, who works within the Department of Physics and Management at Aarhus University, Denmark, and is the Founder and Director of the Center for Hybrid Intelligence and the game-based citizen science platform ScienceAtHome.

We talk about how Jacob and his team have used online games, and AI to develop innovative ways to get people involved in citizen science and help recontextualise complex problems we face.

One of these initiatives is the CREA Visions project, an AI-driven image creator that allows people to envision what urban environments may look like in the future, and drive conversation about the wicked problems we are facing.

Jacob shares his thoughts about how emerging technologies, like AI, will drive future research and science engagement.

Watch the full interview here!

A huge thank you to Jacob for joining us!

Music Credit: Space Chillout, penguin music, from Pixabay